Products from Farm :

With the help of FAKDO APP, the farmer can sell their various vegetables, grains, nuts etc. direct to the customers. This help to farmer to sell their things online easily and get profit. Now it is possible to farmer sell their all food products. No middle person. So it is profitable to farmer as well as to customers also.

Whatever farm production happen in any taluka, FAKDO APP can try to sell it all in the same taluka to reduce the transport and whatever the excess farm production will only transfer to nearby taluka to save transport charges. It helps to increase profit to farmer and also decrease purchase cost of the customers. There is no any middle person, so no extra cost it takes. It is profitable to Farmer and also to Customer to sell or buy farming product on FAKDO APP.

Products from Grocery :

All products from grocery shop, customer will buy in wholesale cost. Company products, like biscuits, toothpaste, means packing products, you can buy in discount price. When many people start buying grocery products with the help of FAKDO APP, then gradually the discount also increase on particular grocery products.

All grocery products, company try to buy from production company, so because of that the cost of product become less. Also company try to buy various production from production company in large quantity. Because of that also the purchase cost decrease. So this profit goes direct to the customer.

So buy various grocery products and get huge discount on every purchase.